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Delight Your Taste Buds

Ways to Decorate and Make Picture Frames from Books

Denise Lopez

Book lovers enjoy displaying precious books. Even if they own books they never intend to read, book lovers hate tossing them away. They are just too pretty. Why not display those unwanted books while also displaying photos that are just as precious? Here are a few ways to turn books into picture frames:

Book Spine Picture Frame

Remove the spines from those unwanted books and use them to decorate a picture frame. Make sure you have a custom frame that fits the picture you want to frame before you begin the project. It must be a frame that is flat without raised decorations.

Take the spines from many unwanted books. Run a sharp craft knife along the edges of the spine of a book. You want to cut along the area that bends when you open the book. Cut along both the front and back to remove the spine. Glue the spines to the picture frame using craft glue. You might need to cut some of the spines to make them all fit.

Pages Picture Frame

What about using the pages from books or even the pages from comics to decorate a frame? Just like with the book spine picture frame, you need a flat custom frame that fits the picture you want to display. Cut pages from books or comics that are about ¼-inch wider than the edges of the frame.

Glue the cut pages to the frame with craft glue. Spread an even layer of craft glue to one side of the frame. Press the cut page in place. Spread more glue on top to help seal the pages. Repeat with the rest of the frame. It's fine if the pages overlap some.

Cut-Out Book Picture Frame

Books themselves make great picture frames. Turn an entire book into a picture frame instead of using pieces to decorate a frame. You can either cut out a place for the picture you want to display in the cover or in the pages.

For the cover, measure and mark the area you want to cut out. Make sure the area you mark is slightly smaller than the size of the picture you want to display. You also want to make sure that the edges of the book are all even. Cut out the cover using a sharp craft knife. Cut slowly for even lines and bloodless fingers. Glue the picture on the front page of the book. When you close the book, you see the picture through the cut-out part.

For the pages, you need to glue the edges of the pages using craft glue. Keep the book closed and spread tons of glue along the edges of the book. Let it dry. Cut out the pages of the book the same way you would the cover: center the area, mark it, and cut slowly. The picture will slip right inside the hole you cut.

These book picture frame crafts allow you to display more books along with your precious photos. For more information, contact Instaframe Galleries