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Delight Your Taste Buds

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Delight Your Taste Buds

Use Large Foam Blocks For Some Hands-On After School Activities

Denise Lopez

If you have a group of children who attend your daycare facility after school, you may be in the process of exchanging outdoor activities for ones that can be enjoyed indoors during the winter. Big building blocks can be used during many hands-on activities and will encourage children to work in groups.

Cross The River

Purchase several boxes of large foam blocks that are designed for children to climb on. Divide the blocks into two groups so that each group contains blocks that are the same size and shape. Form two teams of children and have them line up along the wall where the river crossing will begin. Use some visual aids to recreate a river scene. Blue tissue paper can be representative of water and some toy fish can be used to symbolize fish that live in the river.

Tell the children that the object of the game is to cross the river, without any of the participants stepping into the water. Tell one child from each team to stand on top of a big block of their choosing and direct the other children on both teams to move blocks in front of each competitor, aiding them in their journey across the mock waterway.

When there are two children left, who need to cross the water, make sure that each participant has someone supplying them with blocks throughout the remainder of the competition. The winning team is the one who gets all of their members across the river first.

Recreate The Shape And Pattern

Use some of the blocks to build a three-dimensional shape. Use different color combinations to provide the shape with a distinct appearance. Divide the children into several, small groups. Set a timer for a couple of minutes. Tell the participants that they are to recreate the shape and pattern that you have created, by using big building blocks that are similar. Award the team that copies the shape before the timer goes off.

Search For Tokens

Create a block pit, by adding a bunch of big building blocks to a child-sized pool. Purchase some large gold tokens and hide the tokens inside of the pool. Call the names of two children. Instruct the children to stand along the edge of the pool and to get inside of the pool, once you have blown a whistle. The children can search for tokens until you have blown the whistle to signal the end of the round. Continue calling sets of children to the pool and giving them the opportunity to find tokens, until all of the children have competed.

Talk to a children's big building blocks supplier for more ideas.